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Proudly Serving Mistissini

Founded in 1985, CINI FM 95.3 Is a local broadcaster that keeps you connected to Mistissini. Come work with us today if you need:

  • Community Announcements
  • Business Promotions
  • Interviews
  • Advertisements
  • Cree Translations
  • Event Promotions
  • Radio Programming
  • Recording and Audio Production
  • Local Bingo and Fundraisers
  • And so much more!


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Positive feedback that we are receiving from listeners and businesses advertising through CINI FM

Cool Cini Mist 95.3. Playing good songs


Andrew Mark
July 19, 2013

Great show very entertaining two thumbs up for Cini FM

Cindy Mary
Mistissini Resident

Good Night Mistissini and everyone, it is a great debate! Thumbs up to all candidates!!! And Good Job Cini Mist (Charles Loon)

John Matoush
Former Deputy Chief of Mistissini

Feature Video

If you haven’t had a chance yet, we’d like to invite you to take a chance to view the short film “Eddie” by Allison Coon-Come.

Allison Coon-Come is a a film maker from the Cree Nation of Mistissini and has a number of short films to her name. The film “Eddie” has gained a lot of well earned attention and praise. We’d like to invite you to view the film and join us in congratulating Mistissini’s own Allison Coon-Come.

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