About Us: CINI FM 95.3

Let us take a moment to tell you a little about CINI-FM. CINI-FM broadcasts Cree language radio in Mistissini in order to promote a better understanding between Native and Non-Native Canadians. The station promotes and encourages the use of the Cree language, safeguards Cree culture, collects and maintains a library of traditional Cree stories and legends.

We are committed to providing quality local programming that reflects the interests and events surrounding our community.


Charles Loon

Charles Loon

Station Manager

E-mail: cloon@cinifm.ca

An avid producer of Cree, content Charles has been working with CINI for 5 years as the station manager and continues to focus on delivering quality Cree programming to the Cree Nation of Mistissini

Paula Petawabano

Paula Petawabano

Broadcaster, Production

E-mail: ppetawabano@cinifm.ca

Paula has worked with CINI-FM as a lead announcer and producer for over years. She brings experience and professionalism to all CINI-FM productions.

Cheyanne Edwards

Cheyanne Edwards


E-mail: cedwards@cinifm.ca

Cheyanne is one of the announcers and producers of the radio shows that we provide here at 95.3 Cini-FM. She helps us provide you with Cree content as well as many of the public announcements that you hear in the community.

Jeffrey Hester

Jeffrey Hester


E-mail: jhester@cinifm.ca

Jeffrey Hester is an announcer hear at CINI-FM. Originally from Waskaganish, Jeffrey joined the team at CINI-FM in 2010, and has been a welcome addition ever since. He brings both a professionalism and quality to CINI-FM programming.

We are proud to work with

Cree Nation of Mistissini
Cree School Board
Mistissini Fire Department
Cree Health Board
Eskan Development Corporation
Stornoway Diamonds
Cree Trappers Association
Meechum Intermarche


  • Great show very entertaining two thumbs up for Cini FM

    Cindy Mary
    Mistissini Resident
  • Good Night Mistissini and everyone, it is a great debate! Thumbs up to all candidates!!! And Good Job Cini Mist (Charles Loon)

    John Matoush
    Former Deputy Chief of Mistissini


Advertising Rates

CINI FM offers an affordable advertising solution, to target the people of the Cree Nation of Mistissini. Here are our rates:

Commercial Local Business: $7 (30seconds) or $12 (60 seconds) per spot

Commercial Business Non-local: $9 (30 seconds) or $15 (60 seconds) per spot

National Agency: $50 (seconds), $70 (60 seconds), $90 (90 seconds) per spot

Public Announcements

CINI FM offers people the ability to do public announcements, the following are our rates for these services:

Associations, Business (No Bulk Order Discounts): $30 a day.

Individuals (Payable in Advance): $20 a day

Production Fees

All advertisements and public announcements carry a $60 production fee. This covers off the costs associated with recording the advertisement and translating it.